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Common Penguin list acronyms

BAP - Bay Area Penguins (San Francisco area).

Beagle - More usually known as a Bagle.

Becky the Buckeye - The unofficial "good luck" mascot of the Penguin Brigade. She even has her own web page.

Big List - Originally the Dead Runners Society (refers to the fact that the Penguin List was an off-shoot of DRS); now often used by eGroups to refer to the Penguin Brigade.

BMZ - Bite Me Zone.

BMQ - Bite Me Queen.

BTW - By The Way.

Dead(s) - Member(s) of DRS.

DNF - "Do nothing foolish" (traditionally "did not finish").

DNS - "Did nothing stupid" (traditionally "did not start").

DRS - Dead Runners Society (the Penguin Brigade was an off-shoot of this email list).

Encounter - A face to face meeting of Penguins (usually involving food and/or beverage!).

ERIC - Euphemism for "crap"... which is a euphemism for...

FBF - FrostBite Falls, a January Penguin Brigade tradition when everyone sets a goal to run X number of miles. Penguins then all meet at the end for hot cocoa, bagels, etc.

Goating - To stink after running, as in "If we go eat without cleaning up we will be goating the place up for sure".

Goomies - This term is used to describe post race food, as in "The goomies were bagels, pizza, gyros and beer." A contraction of "gooey" and "goodies".

IMHO - In My Humble Opinion.

Job bra - A jog bra (from a typo).

LAP - Los Angeles Penguins.

LOL - Laughing Out Loud.

LSD - Long Slow Distance run.

Lurk - To be very quiet on the list, and not post very often.

MBM - Myrtle Beach Marathon.

MCM - Marine Corps Marathon (the Mother of all Penguin Marathon encounters).

MF - Most Fun (generally used to describe a race run for fun instead of speed).

Moonpie - The official penguin food, since MCM 1996 when the Binghams transported cases of them from Tennessee to DC for the penguin pre-race encounter.

NEP - New England Penguins.

NYCE - New York City and Environs.

NYCM - New York City Marathon.

Odark30 - Very early in the morning.

ORN - Obligatory Running Note (attached to the end of posts to indicate what you have run that day).

O**N - Obligatory whatever Note... is a variation on ORN, such as OWN (Obligatory Walking Note) or OSN (Obligatory Swimming Note).

OTOH - On The Other Hand.

PB - Penguin Brigade.

PMP - Pee my pants (usually used in tandem with LOL).

Post - To send a message to the list.

POTR - Penguins On The Run. The web page which lists where Penguins will be running and racing (see

PR - Personal Record (your best ever running time at a particular distance), sometimes written as PB (personal best).

Rick - To really rock, as in "You Rick!" (from a Penguin typo).

RNR - Rock'n'Roll Marathon.

ROTF - Rolling On The Floor laughing.

Rule 12 - The Penguin Brigade rule for volunteering. If you suggest something should be done, you have just volunteered to do it. See Rule 12 in the PB Handbook.

Singlet - Sleeveless tanktop.

Sniglet - Same as singlet.

Splits - Time it takes to run a specific interval of a race or training run. Usually refers to mile or kilometer splits, but can be quarter or half-mile splits as well.

Negative splits - Running your laps/splits at a progressively faster pace (this is a good thing).

Taper - A two-three week rest period or cutback in training mileage right before a marathon or long race. The person tapering will often suffer from assorted silliness. Some people engage in compulsive behavior (like shopping) to compensate for the lack of running.

Taper Madness - When large numbers of Penguins are tapering at once, usually right before a major event, and a general craziness prevails..

Thread - A topic or subject on the list. When several people respond to the same message, a "thread" develops.

TIA - Thanks In Advance.

TMI - Too Much Information.

VCM - Vermont City Marathon.

VRP - Virtual Running Partner.

VTP - Virtual Training Partner.

Whatnot - Horizontal cross-training (sex).

WDW - Walt Disney World Marathon.

YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary (used as a disclaimer).